Hi everyone! My name is Grace Yellow and I am a videographer & photographer based in Orange County. I am a lover of Jesus, sunsets, star-gazing, Disneyland, coffee, and honey green milk tea. I love exploring new areas and I find joy in capturing the beauty of God’s creation.


I am a firm believer that it is the small moments that add up to the grand gesture of what makes one's story special. However it’s those small moments that are also easily forgotten. With photography and video, I can capture those moments that shouldn’t be forgotten. Both means of photo and video have helped me remember many details that I would have easily forgotten. Moments from what the groom said to his bride during their first look, to the expression one has when they’re surprised, these are the moments worth remembering and worth capturing.

My hope is to not only capture these moments for you but to help build the story of your special day. Whether it’s a wedding, proposal, birthday party, or family portrait, your day is still special and worth remembering.